Thursday, September 21, 2006

AM Thoughts or When Will the Caffeine Finally Kick In?

Little Bindi did an amazing job at her daddy's memorial service. Such an incredible job would naturally lead a flake to step out, like Alison Garten, to begin warning of the possible development of a "psycho Hollywood kids gone bad" child. Obviously, Garten doesn't have a clue about Bindi's upbringing, like the fact she's being raised in a zoo, not Hollywood with a bunch of idiot kids who are hooked on materialism and trying to make a name for themselves no matter what it takes. Terri Irwin is not mommy dearest. She's a very protective mother who is not going to put her kids in situations they aren't interested in.

So to Garten, Bindi will take her father's position when she comes of age. She'll do an outstanding job, as will little Bob. She might even have her own shows on Animal Planet! But, unlike you, she'll never be psycho, because she's surrounded by over 500 very protective loving people who have helped raise her since she was born.

As for Jean-Michel Cousteau. You may not agree with the Croc Hunter's approach to wildlife, but you know what? When you die, no one will mourn except your immediate family. Little kids won't sit in the tub with their toy crocs and cry. They've learned nothing about nature from you. The Croc Hunter taught them to not be so afraid of things that look scary and to have a deep love and passion for nature. You're life hasn't changed the world.

So while you're bragging that you're still alive because you're afraid to touch animals, consider that.

(yo yawns and saunters off for another cuppa tea.)