Tuesday, September 26, 2006

News blurbs!

My usual k'vetches:
Solution to illegal immigration: shoot them.
Solution to muzlims: shoot them.
Solution to idiots in the White House and their fellow anti-semites: Guess! (big happy grin)

Other stuff:Thai coup:

What is the media leaving out? Adrian Paul, of the Highlander, was filming there when it happened. He sent word to his fan club: "There are tens of thousands peacefully demonstrating also all over the country but that isn't really shown because it isn't news. "

The news from those who live there is, "I was in Bangkok during the coup and didn't even know anything was happening." It's not a big deal. The people were wanting something to shake up their country and create change. Perhaps this will do the trick.

What I think? Hey dudes! Go for it!